[OT] Maximum performance on single processor ?

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Fri Jun 20 10:29:57 EDT 2003

> Although the CPU itself is around 1 GHz and hence "slow" in terms of
> cycles, the vector unit has some extremely high overall FLOPS rate for
> the right kind of code.

where "right kind of code" means "exquisitely cache-friendly".
I suspect that some speed-hacked fortran is going to be very much
not like that.

as previous posts pointed out, unless the original code is 
remarkably stupid, hardware is simply not going to give you 1000x.
finding a smart kid and setting him up with a $5k P4/i875 seems a lot more
plausible to me.

the real lateral-thinking approach is something like fpga's,
but if you can't be bothered to sanity-check the original code,
fpga's are out of the question...

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