Network Booting

Mike Eggleston mikee at
Thu Jun 19 17:25:06 EDT 2003

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, torsten wrote:

> >> 7. Does the  Linux Terminal Server  Project (LTSP) have  anything useful
> >> that I could/should be using?
> >
> >See answer to 6.  Conceivably, but it depends on what you're trying to
> >do.  So what are you trying to do?
> Thank you for the very complete answers.  This solves a number of concerns
> I have run into.
> I am trying setup a cluster to run MPICH.  Some of the PC's are
> headed workstations, the rest will be headless (for MPICH only).
> While we have manually (via CD-ROM) setup the workstations, I want to
> automate the addition and maintenance of headless PC's.
> I am trying to use DHCP with PXE booting to boot the PC's.  Any advice
> toward this general direction, I am grateful for.

I have used LTSP to setup an ad-hoc cluster for PVM. It worked well.

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