F95/F90 compilers

Josip Loncaric josip at lanl.gov
Thu Jun 19 16:26:04 EDT 2003

Glen Kaukola wrote:
> Arthur H. Edwards wrote:
>> I'm about to purchase a F95 compiler for a beowulf running Debian with
>> mpich. I'm obviously looking for performance. I'm also looking for a
>> compiler that doesn't choke or create garbage.
> The Fortran compiler from Intel is free, as long as you're not going to 
> be producing any commercial applications with it I think.  And our 
> experience with it, is that even on an AMD processor the code that it 
> produces runs faster than the code produced by our portland group compiler.

Agreed -- but at my old institute, we had pretty good luck with the 
Portland Group Fortran.  Intel's Fortran can be faster, but 
unfortunately, it sometimes generates incorrect code.  Some ifc 7.0 
versions incorrectly handled equivalence statements -- which are 
liberally used in many old Fortran packages.  I'm not sure if this has 
been completely fixed even in the latest ifc 7.1 versions.


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