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Thu Jun 19 13:50:17 EDT 2003

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Gustavo Velardez wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> We need to know the heat generated (that is, how much
> cooling is needed) by a beowulf cluster of 11 units. 
> Each unit has 2 Pentium 4 processors.  The master node
> has a power consumption of 338 W and each slave node
> 295 W.
> Where can I get this information?
> Thanx
>             Gustavo

You mean, other than by adding

 338+2950 = 3288 Watts 

(Joules per second)?  This is a bit less than one ton of air
conditioning (a "ton" of AC is the capacity to remove 3504 watts
continuously).  However, I'd be lavish and install a healthy
overcapacity to allow for growth of your cluster and to keep the space
>>cold<< and not just not hot.  Also, human bodies add 100W or so each,
lights ditto, and the walls or exterior ventilation can allow heat to
diffuse in or out depending on whether the ambient space outside is
warmer or cooler.  Two or three tons wouldn't be out of the question,
with adequate flow and delivery and warm air return.

Note that a "ton" of AC doesn't necessarily mean a particularly large
compressor/chiller.  We're talking a bit more than a window unit
(although there are some pretty big window units) but all the AC you
need should sit nicely in less than a cubic meter of outdoor space, plus
of course plumbing and the blower to actually deliver "cold" to the
space to be cooled (or more properly, to remove the heat therefrom).


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