Network Booting

Egan Ford egan at
Thu Jun 19 13:30:23 EDT 2003

> 1. I've seen  references to bootp/dhcp,  bootp or dhcp, bootp 
>  and dhcp,
> dhcp over bootp - Which one do I need.  Do I need both bootp and dhcp?

Solutions like pxelinux.0, nbgrub, and etherboot all work with dhcp.  I find
dhcp easy to work with.

> 2. My  Lab is  on  the  University subnet.   Will  my 
> bootp/dhcp  server
> conflict with the  university system?  Do I need to  isolate 
> my lab with
> IP masq first?

Block dhcp/bootp traffic at the switch port that uplinks to the university
system.  If you have a multi homed management node running dhcp edit your
dhcp startup script or config file to only bind on the eth device that is
for your cluster.

> 3. On which broadcast/subnet does PXE send bootp requests.  
> Does it make
> a difference, with PXE, whether I use bootp or DHCP?

PXE uses DHCP to get an address.

> 4. What are people using to setup/install partitions?  I've 
> seen bpbatch
> and ka-tools.  I'm interested in GPL software, primarily.

Use pxelinux.0 or nbgrub to network boot, then use the native network
installer for your OS.  e.g. kickstart for RH, autoyast for SuSE.  Or use
systemimager for any distro.

> 6. Should I just download and setup the MOSIX stuff?

I would recommend a cluster without MOSIX first, then later determine if
MOSIX is the right solution for you.

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