cluster of AOD Opteron

Stefano auro at
Wed Jun 18 23:22:25 EDT 2003

Hi guys,

As I am going to receive some funding this fall, I was wondering of buying
an opteron cluster for my research.
Mainlym the cluster will run VASP (an ab-initio quantum program,
written by a group in Wien), with myrinet.

Is somebody who is using AMD opterons yet ? Any myrinet trouble ?
Is somebody from AMD reading ?

I think some fortran vendor has announced the port of their F90 to
the opteron. Well, it would be nice to recompile VASP for 64bits and see
how fast it goes. With the itanium2 (compiled in 2 version 32 and 64
bits), it not so fast to justify the HUGE cost of an itanium cluster.

Maybe the opteron will shake high-performace scientific computing !


Stefano Curtarolo

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