MPI and commons in FORTRAN

Dinamica dinamica at
Wed Jun 18 15:41:02 EDT 2003

Hi list,

I am afraid this is a bit off-topic but i have searched the web and
could not find any helpful pointer about this. Pls, let me know if you
can help me or if there is another forum to post this:

I would like to parallelize just one subroutine call (the func/error
evaluation) of a large FORTRAN code (the genetic algorhythm by Carrol).
I have tried to code this in a couple of ways: 1) MPI_INIT'ing in the main
routine or 2) MPI_INIT'ing only in the routine that contains the loop 
(to be parallelized) and actually makes the call to the func/error 
evaluation. None of them work and i am afraid i am missing
something regarding the way common blocks are handled in MPI/parallel
codes. Since this is the first time i try something more elaborate (IMHO) 
with MPI and FORTRAN, I am a bit lost and would like to know if there is
any documentation or examples i can read more about this.

Sorry if this looks vague, i can give more details if you want.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Guilherme Menegon
IQUSP, Brasil


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