ideal motherboard for diskless beowulf

kolokoutsas konstantinos k_kolokoutsas at
Wed Jun 18 06:09:37 EDT 2003


thanks for your comments. My background is in Stellar
Astrophysics (Imperial), however the beowulf is for a
friend postdoc doing relativistic shock particle
acceleration at MPIfA. Not quite sure about the
characteristics of her Monte Carlo code, so can't
comment on library usage/dependencies etc.

My interest in this particular exercise has more to do
with hardware, and to identify what would be the best
micro-atx Athlon/Athlon XP motherboard for a beowulf
cluster within budget.

Yes, the mini-ITX form factor is a quite interesting
possibility. However, I have also come across the EBX
form factor (5.25"). Such motherboards, primarily used
in embedded systems are manufactured by,
can take up to 1GHZ P3/Celeron CPUs, with various
power supply configs and are prohibitely
expensive(~$300 without CPU/memory), for the budget of
this beowulf at least. 


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