Beowulf in Enterprise Environments

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-you mix 3 questions ;-)

we do a linux cluster concept ( like John before i would more define it
as a "clustered peer to NOW" for complete german car industries and
Chip development companies
No Beowulf (in strict sense) there, reason being that main requirements 
favorise and priorize other strategies

simple one: you have a application with around 100 000 $ license costs
per user and the vendor guarantees function only for a certain unmodified !
distro ...
there are other and more important nontechnical issues ...

On the other hand: I assume there competent american companies able to
do exactly the same on a beowulf base / concept when other needs and
conditions are not the main issue


If you take losse Beowulf == Linux Cluster
then: Clusters are acepted and broad spread for productive and
very important company issues ...
e.g every german car manufacturer now does Crash Simulation on Linux

> Does anybody on the list know of folks using Beowulf clusters in what might
> be called
> traditional IT or Enterprise environments?  Why/Why not?
> What about in cryptographic acceleration environments?   Why/Why not?
> Perhaps for
> stuff even as benign as SSL/TLS/IPsec terminations???

there is a hardware company in germany called Clusterlabs ( active also in US)
that does exactly this: Blades with Hardware SSL Cards for different uses
i am sure there are others also ..

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