ideal motherboard for diskless beowulf

John Hearns jhearns at
Tue Jun 17 12:47:58 EDT 2003

> [I'm a different responder..]
> That idea has intrigued me for a while... I've been able to find a
> number of 5.25 and even 3.5" form factor boards but no enclosures...
> (well, only one but that appeared to be quite a bit too long to fit in a
> standard bay...)
> The only integrated drive form factor device that I've been able to find
> that is suitable to be a slave node is the one from TotalImpact.
> Unfortunately that device has become a bit outdated and is VERY
> expensive... (they also have an equally interesting/outdated/overpriced
> quad G4 PCI board...) Repeated sessions with google has returned no
> alternatives...
> Do you have any specific products in mind?

The boards I looked at were from Nexcom.
Their EBC series, for instance:*10000083

I talked with the UK sales people, who put me onto a UK distributor.
Sadly the price was about three times a mini-ITX board, so I couldn't afford

Looking at their website now, there are 3.5" divices. Wow...*10000088

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