what is a flop

Saurav Gohain way2saurav at rediffmail.com
Tue Jun 17 06:32:17 EDT 2003

Dear Sir/Friends
I am new to cluster and hence asking this question ( may be a silly one for u all). 
In super computers and cluster, I find Peak Performance rated as TFLOPs, GFLOP's etc.
Now, the question is what is a flop. 

From a beowulf pdf tutorial, i came to know that it is calculated as 
Total Peak Performance= No of Nodes * No of CPU's * Floating point operations per second * No of Cycles per second. 

Although, the first two and the last is easily derivable, what about the third one. 
I checked the specs of Opetron and P4 but there's isn't any mention about the Flops. 

How will i derive then ?

In a comparison graph in Intel's website, I found a term SPEC*fp2000 ratings. 
Now this ratings are like 2.4 , 3.4 etc. 
Is it the number that I should input in the above formula to calculate the total peak performance in flops about a cluster. 

Kindly let me know the facts...
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