Beowulf in Enterprise Environments

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> Hi,
> Does anybody on the list know of folks using Beowulf clusters in what
> be called
> traditional IT or Enterprise environments?  Why/Why not?
> What about in cryptographic acceleration environments?   Why/Why not?
> Perhaps for
> stuff even as benign as SSL/TLS/IPsec terminations???

Depends what you mean by Beowulf of course :-)

If we expand the definition to include Clusters of Workstations, or batch
then yes. People like car manufacturers, aerospace companies running
Render farms for movie production. I guess financial institutions running
 Monte Carlos also.

The Beowulf list however will (quite rightly) set the definition tighter, to
a parallell cluster using MPI or PVM, and commodity hardware.
Then I admit not to have much knowledge of uses in the Enterprise.

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