NAS Parallel Benchmarks for Current Hardware

Egan Ford egan at
Sun Jun 15 17:59:13 EDT 2003

> Unfortunately, I am not sure linpack and spec reliably measure what is
> important for numerical work on a beowulf.

I disagree.

SPECCPU v1.2 FP benchmarks (

168.wupwise		Fortran 77	Physics / Quantum Chromodynamics
171.swim		Fortran 77	Shallow Water Modeling
172.mgrid		Fortran 77	Multi-grid Solver: 3D Potential
173.applu		Fortran 77	Parabolic / Elliptic Partial
Differential Equations
177.mesa 		C		3-D Graphics Library
178.galgel		Fortran 90	Computational Fluid Dynamics		C		Image Recognition / Neural Networks
183.equake		C		Seismic Wave Propagation Simulation
187.facerec		Fortran 90	Image Processing: Face Recognition
188.ammp		C		Computational Chemistry
189.lucas		Fortran 90 	Number Theory / Primality Testing
191.fma3d		Fortran 90 	Finite-element Crash Simulation
200.sixtrack	Fortran 77 	High Energy Nuclear Physics Accelerator
301.apsi		Fortran 77 	Meteorology: Pollutant Distribution 

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