Large File Support for RedHat Linux 8.0 Kernal 2.4.18-14

Donald Becker becker at
Sat Jun 14 06:25:55 EDT 2003

On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, Glen Kaukola wrote:

> Steve Elliot wrote:
> >Our RedHat 8.0 doesn't seem to support Large file
> >system out of the box. We have a testing program
> >running on an ext3 file system, with both
> >the lseek() function failed when the file pointer goes
> >beyound 2G. What's the steps to turn the large file
> >support on? and how do I know it is on?
> >
> We had a similar problem, and it turned to be tcsh.  tcsh doesn't 
> support files over 2GB it seems, so we ended up having to convert all of 
> our scripts over to bash.

Use bash version 2.0 or later.  Version 1 had LFS problems, some
surprising.  In some cases you couldn't pipe ("|") or redirect more than
2GB of data.

You'll also want to verify your specific 'perl' binary, which is used
like a shell.

Other places we had to make modifications were the FTP servers and
clients, most of which do not have LFS.

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