ideal motherboard for diskless beowulf

kolokoutsas konstantinos k_kolokoutsas at
Fri Jun 13 19:48:56 EDT 2003

Thank you all for the input! 

This beowulf will be dedicated to running one
particular Monte Carlo particle acceleration code
already running within RH7.2 and quite dependant on it
in many ways, thus the RH7.2 criterium. 

The 12-node config will serve as a test for a larger
cluster, thus the very limited budget, and the choice
of (the cheaper) AMD CPUs. 

The micro-atx form factor is of interest because "I
was given the challenge..." of putting as many
motherboards in one customized full tower box as
possible. Dual/Quad CPU motherboards are not an
option, while due to portability issues, racks are out
of the question. 

Thanks once again,
Kostas Kolokoutsas

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