Configuring OpenSSH 3.5p1

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Fri Jun 13 09:14:01 EDT 2003

On 12 Jun 2003 10:31:38 -0700
John Harrop <johnh at> wrote:

> I'm currently building a new cluster which unlike the older, more
> isolated one will be using OpenSSH.  How are others configuring their
> ssh?  

He we have a 121 nodes cluster. The main server, that handle open PBS server and NIS server, is due to perform some administration tasks through SSH (with rshp/mput tools that allow good perfs over ssh admin tasks such as running remote scripts or copying files efficienltly over the cluster), so here we need to ssh on every node without entering a password.
To do this, we have 2 pairs of dsa keys (generated with ssh-keygen -t dsa) for root: one for the server and another that is common to all the computing nodes, and we allow the root ssh login from the server on all the nodes by copying his public dsa key in the authorized_keys file (so all you have to do is: scp /root/.ssh/ root at node_without_pass:/root/.ssh/authorized_keys the first time, you will have to type the pass but then it works :) ).

The main problem you will face is how to spread the authorized keys file on all the nodes (If you have a lot of nodes...).

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