ideal motherboard for diskless beowulf

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Thu Jun 12 01:57:48 EDT 2003

I have just done what you are going to do. Only with 8 PC's.
I give you MY recommendations just in case they are of any interest for you as I am not at all an expert. 
So, remind please that these are the advice of a novice, but I will write freely to make things easier...

	- As far as I know, the best AMD in quality/price today in Europe is Ahtlon XP2400. Just 100 eur.
	- If you are going to work with the beast near you, buy coolers from "Artic Cooler" model Cooper Silent for the CPU: 18 eur.
	- If your budget allows it, buy aluminium cases. Mr. XP2400 will be happy.
	- I strongly recommend as I have tested it, the last micro-atx from Shuttle with the chipset from Nvidia: nforce2. It goes around 10% quicker in my installation than any other tested. Price: 100 eur.
	- Personally, I don't overclock. I have payed a good amount to risk anything (and I don't think it is worth).

Those are my actual feelings. Please, once you have your "children" working, tell me what are your feelings. I am very interested in new, relatively small installations.

Santiago Muelas

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003 13:01:01 +0100 (BST)
kolokoutsas konstantinos <k_kolokoutsas at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am in the process of designing a 12-node diskless
> cluster. I am going with AMD CPUs, but not quite
> confident which mobo to use, for serving the following
> with a limited budget:
> - (must)  onboard LAN
> - (must)  proven Linux (RH7.2) compatibility
> - (ideal) micro-atx 
> - (ideal) wide range of CPU support, i.e. from Duron
> sub-GHz up to XP 2600+
> - (bonus) some overclocking capabilities
> In terms of chip
> thanks in advance,
> Dr. Kostas Kolokoutsas
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