Nice survey of higher end power supplies ...

Josip Loncaric josip at
Wed Jun 11 10:16:35 EDT 2003

Mark Hahn wrote:
> PF .74 on that machine, by the way.  I was kind of surprised,
> since it was a compaq deskpro.  pretty old, though, that's probably why.

Power factor is about 0.65 on my own machine.  I was kind of surprised 
too.  According to Kill-a-watt, my 2.8 GHz P4 w/Asus motherboard, lots 
of other goodies, and a 2002-vintage Antec PS dissipates 130-180 Watts 
in operation depending on activity.  Another disappointment was its 
"sleep" mode which dissipates 100 Watts (not much better than the 130 W 
idle state).  When "off" it still uses 5 Watts...


P.S.  PF 0.65 means that at 180 W the machine draws about 270 VA.  This 
VA rating is important when sizing UPS units.

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