Nice survey of higher end power supplies ...

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Wed Jun 11 09:10:49 EDT 2003

On Tue, 10 Jun 2003, Josh Fryman wrote:

> > I just received a pair of kill-a-watt's today, and am eager to 
> > plug things into them.  
> speaking of these...  i bought one at radioshack for $20 or so, and
> am curious if anyone out there has reverse-engineered the insides?
> i'm getting ready to attempt such a task to get the Watts output
> tied directly to a little micro that can report the power consumption
> back into the network.  after all, why look at the LCD in some 
> random location when i could just display it on my desktop? :)

Do it!  The RS232 chips are pretty cheap, IIRC.  Then sell the little
mini-circuit back to KAW for their "KAWII" with a serial readout.  At
$20 retail they can't be making a lot of money any more, and I'd
cheerily put one on every circuit line in our cluster for $40 or even
$50 each, if I could read the total line input.

In fact, being able to control the output via serial line would be
lovely too.  There are only a half-dozen buttons or so, so a three or
four bit set of control codes would likely do fine...


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