lm_sensors configuration tips for dual athlon MB

Gianluca Cecchi tekka99 at libero.it
Mon Jun 9 05:10:00 EDT 2003


I have several dual athlon servers as comp. nodes that are not in CED rooms.
To avoid  too much noise I'm using fans with low rpm values (around 4200) for
the cpus of those servers.
The mainboards used are Chaintech 7KDD, based on AMD 762 + 768 chipset.
The cpus used are MP2200+ (1800MHz).
>From the bios I'm able to set as the highest shutdown temp 70 centigrad degrees
and sometimes I have  spontaneus shutdown due to these settings, I imagine (if I
reboot immediately I see about 63 degrees for the Cpus and 55 degrees for the MB).
I would like to  have any suggestion based on the experience of this list's users.
The poer supply I'm using is a 450wat extreme.
The o.s. is Slackware 9.0 with 2.4.20 kernel (also tried some 2.4.21-rc kernels).
On the systems there are four scsi drives, as they are used as head node also.
I have installed lm_sensors, to disable bios check and replace with sw checks
and alert messages.
But I have some problems in configuring the sensors.conf file.
Any hints for dual athlon based systems?
Based on sensors-detect command, at boot I load these modules and run these

/sbin/modprobe i2c-proc
# I2C adapter drivers
/sbin/modprobe i2c-amd756
/sbin/modprobe i2c-isa
# I2C chip drivers
/sbin/modprobe it87
/sbin/modprobe eeprom
/usr/local/bin/sensors -s

but the output is quite strange.

I would like also to have some feedback on maximum safe temp I can set for
Athlon MP 2200+
cpus and for MB cpu, and if the bios settings available is actually too
restrictive as I think, or if I'm tttally wrong and unwise...
How can I gain, if I add a case fan? Any hint?

Thanks in advance.

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