dual Xeon issue

Ken Chase math at velocet.ca
Thu Jun 5 15:06:32 EDT 2003

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 08:20:47AM -0600, sfrolov at accufo.vwh.net's 
  >P.S. Can anybody recommend the best performance/price ratio cluster?

"DEPENDS" like always.

Depends on what you're doing. Depends on if your code scales well, or
superlinearly, or not at all. Depends on the cost of power, floor space,
cooling, gear, gear being shipped to you, humans to assemble, install, test,
and maintain it. Depends on whats free and what's not. (see my post on .edu
vs .com clusters earlier this week).

Even more generally, depends on what you mean by 'performance'. Does it have
to sing and dance well for morons who like blinkenlights?  Does it have to run
one single job so freakin' fast that the organization can publish results as
bragging rights, but makes it ass-slow running 30 jobs at the same time by
researchers fighting over resources? Or did you mean 'best throughput in jobs
per month'? What did you mean?


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