Help: different kernel images for slaves.

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Tue Jun 3 11:48:46 EDT 2003

Hello John,

This is one of the things I am looking at.  I just found out that the 
MB has DHCP or bootp built in.

Our present cluster is using beoboot and the administrator (part time 
and I am going to be the other) wants to use beoboot.  I am now 
reading documentation on this matter.

John Hearns wrote:
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>>This would work but I forgot to mention that these are diskless
>>workstations.  Under bproc there is a setting in the
>>/etc/beowulf/config for kernel image but I cannot find any
>>documentation for assigning or allocating a different kernel for
>>different machines.
>>I will look at kickstart though to see if it would work and install on
>>each system.
> You can do diskless installs using Linux Terminal Server Project
> Loading different kernels would be a matter of editing the
> /etc/dhcpd.conf and creating an entry for each workstation.
> The LTSP documentation gives an example,
> where 'filename' is the path to the kernel for that particular workstation:
> group {
>     use-host-decl-names       on;
>     option log-servers;
>     host ws001 {
>         hardware ethernet     00:E0:18:E0:04:82;
>         fixed-address;
>         filename              "/lts/vmlinuz.ltsp";
>     }
> }
> I stress that I haven't actually DONE this - though I have set up and demoed
> The OSCAR people are also working on OSCAR-lite, though I don't know if you
> can
> distribute different kernels using it.
> LTSP might be a good way for you to go - I can help you getting it running,
> though the documentation
> is good.

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