Cheap PCs from Wal-Mart

John Hearns jhearns at
Tue Jun 3 00:15:50 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 03:23, Robert G. Brown wrote:

> It is to teach a generation of kids about managing linux systems,
> writing programs, and the rudiments of cluster computing (Amdahl's law
> and so forth) in an inexpensive environment that they can "play" with.
> It is for cluster humans like me to have cheap miniclusters at home to
> play with to try things out in an environment they can "break the hell
> out of" without interfering with their production environment.

Good points.
That's why I have my nodes - I live in a small apartment in London's
Docklands. Not much spare space, and with the high temperatures in
London at the moment, I'm glad of them! (Air conditioning is not that
common in UK houses).

Don't forget also Jim Lux's thoughts on portable/resource constrained 

If anyone is interested, here is the abstract for my UKUUG Developers
Talk. Maybe a good excuse to visit the Edinburgh Festival!

BTW, I'm to talk about C optimisations for the VIA processors during the
talk. If anyone on the list is good with this sort of thing -
specifically the latest gcc versions, or commercial compilers please
drop me an email off list if I can pick your brains.

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