Cheap PCs from Wal-Mart

Josip Loncaric josip at
Mon Jun 2 18:39:54 EDT 2003

Mark Hahn wrote:
> data is from the article above and

... which leads to the following very interesting observation:

"Our lab engineers made a curious discovery when they were examining the 
new 865PE board from MSI. By incorporating special logic circuitry, the 
manufacturer has succeeded in boosting the speed of the CPU through 
dynamic overclocking in such a way that it is not detectable with 
conventional benchmarking utilities like WCPUID, Intel Frequency 
Display, CPUZ, or SiSoft Sandra 2003. However, FSB and CPU speeds are 
only increased when applications are started or when benchmark programs 
have finished - subject to CPU usage reaching close to 100 percent."


Neat...  but beware of unintended consequences, e.g. variable OS event 


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