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Mon Jun 2 15:42:23 EDT 2003

On Mon, 02 Jun 2003, Luis Fernando Licon Padilla wrote:

> John Hearns wrote:
> >I saw this on Slashdot a few days ago.
> >
> >It is a customised Knoppix distribution, with an OpenMosix patched
> >kernel, and PXE/DHCP enabled etc.
> >I intend to try this out in the next few days.
> >
> >For those who haven't used Knoppix, it is a CD which contains a bootable
> >Debian-based distribution which installs itself in memory, not touching
> >the hard drive. Knoppix has excellent hardware detection, and sets up
> >a good desktop. It 'just works'.
> >Uses might include demonstrating a Linux desktop to friends/colleagues,
> >testing if a PC can run Linux before buying/accepting it, or as a rescue
> >disk for troubleshooting an already installed Linux system.
> >
> >John Hearns
> >
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> Hi you all guys,
> I have a 12 dual nodes beowulf running on Red Hat Linux 8.0, but you 
> know, I have the update problem since I do not want to pay the update 
> service to Red Hat, so my question is, Does someone have experience 
> about clusters running on both Debian and RedHat distributions, who can 
> help me to decide  on this issue?

Have you tried using apt? It seems to run a day or two behind the RedHat
updates, but it gets all the updates. Try setting a nightly cron entry to
execute 'apt-get update; apt-get update' for all your nodes. You can find
apt at

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