use of gimp with a claster?!

Thomas Sinczak thomas.sinczak at
Mon Jun 2 13:05:10 EDT 2003

Dear all,
I am new to claster world...
Up to now I have tested only openMosix - with results that do not help me...

my problem is as follows:
I have two computers:
1,8GHz Celeron with 256MB RAM and 100T Ethernet
1,26GHz PIII with 512MB RAM and 100T Ethernet

I am doing some graphics - let say 6 Mpixel photos (17MB in size raw) 
that are manipulated with GIMP

and so my question is:
is that possible that the gimp will utilise the power of both computers 
with the use of beowulf claster??
if yes then please show me any howto

Best Regards

thomas.sinczak at
Exchange student of Osaka University, Japan - OUSSEP
Student of Technical University of Lodz, Poland - Mechatronics


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