Cheap PCs from Wal-Mart

Alvin Oga alvin at
Sun Jun 1 05:21:29 EDT 2003

hi ya robert

On Thu, 29 May 2003, Robert wrote:

> Hello
> these guys make small foot print 1U rackmountable low powered units and 
> they can also be wall mounted, real cool units for clusters for starter's.
> for 
> $499..

and an even lower priced rackmountable 1U would be using a 1U shelf
with holes for mb, power supply and disks ... ( no chassis cover, no
chassis sides ... hotmail style .. also made by kingstar )

for cpu cooling ... i'd use a couple of regular 24" household fans to
blow lots of air across the cpu and memory and disks

cpu temperature vs lifespan graph

	- i've always wondered why nobody has household fans mounted
	on the sides of the cabinets to keep the cpu cooler ... 
	( minor detail is that there's no mounting holes in the fan )

for "small footprint 1U rackmounts"	.... 
	9", 11", 14" ..  deep chassis for microATX/flexITX
	10" deep for mini-itx mb or microatx w/ p4-3.0G fsb-800 cpu 
	and 2 ide disks ( 500GB total )

	mini-itx is similar/same to the via eden series mb

on the other extreme
	25" deep 1U chassis for 8 drives per one 1U chassis ( 2TB per 1U )

have fun

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