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torsten torsten at
Thu Jun 19 09:07:37 EDT 2003

Good Morning:

I've  been struggling  for days  to make  a single  computer be  able to
network  boot.  I've  read many  documents, and  I'm a  little confused.
Here  are some  questions, and  I am  very grateful  for assistance,  in

1. I've seen  references to bootp/dhcp,  bootp or dhcp, bootp  and dhcp,
dhcp over bootp - Which one do I need.  Do I need both bootp and dhcp?

2. My  Lab is  on  the  University subnet.   Will  my bootp/dhcp  server
conflict with the  university system?  Do I need to  isolate my lab with
IP masq first?

3. On which broadcast/subnet does PXE send bootp requests.  Does it make
a difference, with PXE, whether I use bootp or DHCP?

4. What are people using to setup/install partitions?  I've seen bpbatch
and ka-tools.  I'm interested in GPL software, primarily.

5. Are there any known problems with Realtek PXE ROMS?  My network cards
are system integrated Realtek's.

6. Should I just download and setup the MOSIX stuff?

7. Does the  Linux Terminal Server  Project (LTSP) have  anything useful
that I could/should be using?

Thanks, Torsten
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