Neighbor table overflow

Martin WHEELER mwheeler at
Tue Jul 29 05:57:29 EDT 2003

On Sun, 27 Jul 2003, Joe Nellis wrote:

> I am running scyld 27bz version.  I recently started getting "neighbor table
> overflow" messages on the last boot stage on one of my nodes though nothing
> has changed.  Can anyone explain this message.  The node just hangs with
> this message repeating every 30 seconds or so.

Ah.  The dreaded 'neighbour table overflow' message.

I was plagued with this a couple of years ago.

It usually means that your system is unable to resolve some of its
component machines.  But which?  (In my case, usually localhost.)

Check very carefully the contents of:

   * /etc/hosts
   * /etc/resolv.conf
   * /etc/network/interfaces

Also check that you can ping every machine on the network.
(Particularly localhost.)

Then make sure that you have *explicitly* given correct addresses,
netmasks, and gateway address in /etc/network/interfaces for both
ethernet and local loopback connections.
(see man interfaces for examples)

What does ifconfig tell you?
(You should see details of both ethernet and local loopback connections
-- if not, you've got a problem.)

If necessary, do an

     ifconfig netmask up

to try to kick local loopback into life.
(If it does, add the address and netmask info lines to to the lo iface
in your /etc/network/interfaces file.)

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