UK only? Power Meters

Simon Hogg seth at
Sat Jul 26 10:28:21 EDT 2003

Some of the list members may remember a recent discussion of the usefulness 
of power meters.  I have just seen some for sale in Lidl[1] (of all 
places!) in the UK (with a UK 3-pin plug-through arrangement).

They were UKP 6.99 (equivalent to about US$10) and had a little lcd 
display.  Measurements performed were Current, Peak Current (poss. with 
High Current warning?), Power, Peak Power, total kWh and Power Factor.

I have no details of performance, etc. (since I didn't buy one) but the 
price is certainly very attractive compared even the the much feted 
'kill-a-watt'.  If anyone wants one and can't find a Lidl you can contact 
me off-list, and I will get on my trusty bicycle down to the shops.


[1] ( German-based trans-European discount retailer.

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