Thermal Problems

Alvin Oga alvin at
Thu Jul 24 21:36:43 EDT 2003

hi ya

any system where the cpu is next to the power supply is a doomed box

if the airflow in the chassis is done right ... there should be 
minimal temp difference between the system running with covers
and without covers

cpu fans above the cpu heatsink is worthless in a 1U case .. throw it away
( unless there is a really good fan blade design to pull air and move air
( in 0.25" of space between the heatsink bottom and the cover just just
( above the fan blade

lots of fun playing with air :-)

blowers in the back of the power supply doesnt do anything
	- most power supply exhaust air out the back y its power cord
	and should NOT be blocked or have cross air flow from other fans
	like in an indented power supply ( inside the chassis )

c ya

On Thu, 24 Jul 2003, Bari Ari wrote:

> Mitchel Kagawa wrote:
> >Here are a few pictures of the culprite.  Any suggestions on how to fix it
> >other than buying a whole new case would be appreciated
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >  
> >
> The fans tied to the cpu heat sinks may be too close to the top cover 
> for effective air flow/cooling. Measure the air temp at various places 
> inside the case when closed and the cpu's operating. Try to get an idea 
> of how much airflow is actually moving through the case vs just around 
> the inside of the case.
> Try placing tangential (cross flow) fans in the empty drive bays and up 
> against the front panel and opening up the rear of the case.
> The power supply has fans at its front and rear to move air through it. 
> The centrifugal blower in the rear corner may not be helping much to 
> draw air across the cpu's.  The same principle applies to the enclosure. 
> Try to move more air through it vs just around the inside. The cooler 
> the components the lower the failure rate.
> Bari
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