Dell 1600SC + 82540EM poor performance..HELP NEEDED

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Thu Jul 24 13:47:14 EDT 2003

Simon Hogg a écrit :
> At 17:12 24/07/03 +0200, Stephane.Martin at wrote:
> <problems snipped>
> >All our tests tends to show that dell missed something in the integration
> >of the 82540EM in the 1600SC series...if not we'll really really appreciate
> >to know what we are missing there cause here we have a 150 000 dollars
> >cluster said to be connected with a network gigabit having network perfs of
> >three 100 card bonded (in full duplex it's even worse !!!!!). If the
> >problem is not rapidly solved the 48 machines will be returned....
> >
> >thx a lot for your concern,
> Sorry I can't help you, but I wonder what response you have had from Dell?
> --
> Simon


I can't really answer to this question....hummm....first the technician sent us a link to a web page talking about another network chipset and another
machine saying that they have similar network integration (personnaly I would never compare network results between a biPIII and a BI-Xeon...but....).
It was really unuselful, the technician was arguing that it was a test of the 82540EM...not really serious; The worse of all is that he said that
those results were correct ones (because it was the same result in his link... furthemore he didnt' react much when I told him that such a poor
performance will certainely lead to a reject of all the cluster). So, for him all is all right !!!!!.
I decided to go one level up and had a similar response (I ve been sent a internal report, benchmarking again ANOTHER configuration : thats to say
this time I had numbers concerning a card plugged in the PCI-X bus !!!!!!! I've already done those test by myself...).

so what to say ? I'm not sure they really feel concerned about my (their) problems... My boss said : if no solution tomorow, the cluster is going to
be sent back...

thx for your concerns,

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