In need of Beowulf data

Farrel Lifson flifson at
Mon Jul 21 14:30:10 EDT 2003

Hi there,

As part of my M.Sc I hope to carry out a case study using Markov Reward
Models of a large distributed system. Being a Linux fan, a Beowulf
cluster was the obvious choice. 

Performance data seems to be quite readily available, however finding
reliability data seems to be more of a challenge. Specifically I am
looking for real word failure and repair rates for the various
components of a Beowulf node (HDD, power supply, CPU, RAM) and the
larger cluster (software failure, network, etc). 

While some components have a mean time to failure rating, this is
sometimes underestimated by the manufacturer and I am interested in
getting an as accurate as possible model of a real world Beowulf

If anyone has any data they would be willing to share, or if you know of
any papers or reports which list such data I would greatly appreciate
any links or pointers to them.

Thanks in advance,
Farrel Lifson
Data Network Architecture Research Lab    mailto:flifson at
Dept. of Computer Science       
University of Cape Town                   +27-21-650-3127
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