Clusters Vs Grids

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Sun Jul 20 20:31:54 EDT 2003

> I got a few queries about the exact differences between clusters and
> grids and as I couldn't really find a general purpose grid list to
> post on and because this list is normally a fountain of knowledge I
> thought I'd ask here.

There's an IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing that has an open
mailing list. But this is reasonably on-topic.

A grid deals with machines separated by significant physical distance,
and that usually cross into several administrative domains. Grids have
a lot more frequent failures than clusters.

A cluster is usually close and administered as one system.

> So I was wondering just how all those coders out there who are
> developing codes on clusters connected with fast interconnects are
> going to convert their codes to use on a grid

The speed of light is the only thing that does not scale with Moore's

-- greg

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