Empty passwords vs ssh-agent?

Dale Harris rodmur at maybe.org
Fri Jul 18 16:26:50 EDT 2003

On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 12:04:52PM -0700, John Harrop elucidated:
> I'm currently switching our system from using r-commands to ssh.  We
> have a fairly small system with 27 nodes.  The only two options I can
> see with ssh are empty passwords and ssh-agent.  The first looks like it
> isn't much better for security than r commands.  (We do have ssh with
> passwords and known hosts on a portal machine.)  Using ssh-agent on a
> cluster looks like a potentially big hassle.  Or am I mistaken about the
> last impression?  After all, we have nodes that are almost hitting up
> time of 400 days so ssh-add would only have been run once for each
> cluster user.
> What are people using as the clusters get bigger?
> Thanks is advance for your comments and thought!
> Cheers,
> John Harrop

I've have the same questions, too.  Is this something you're just doing
for administrative purposes?  Or are the users going to need use ssh to
authenticate themselves as well?

Dale Harris   
rodmur at maybe.org
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