Global Shared Memory and SCI/Dolphin

Steffen Persvold sp at
Thu Jul 17 17:58:24 EDT 2003

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 12:15:56PM +0100, Daniel Kidger wrote:
> > The Quadrics Interconnect also does hardware RDMA, and yes a significant
> > percentage of people do use Global Shared Memory programming models rather
> > than message passing.
> > 
> > In fact I thought all four of SCALI/Quadrics/Myrinet/Infiniband could do
> > RDMA ??
> There's a terminology problem here: Some people mean cache-coherent
> shared memory, like that on an SGI Origin.
> Another term for non-cache-coherent but globally addressable and
> accessible memory is SALC: Shared address, local consistency.
> And yes, all 4 of Scali/Quadrics/Myrinet/Infiniband support the
> non-cache-coherent kind of shared memory. Programming models in this
> area are:

Just to clarify; Scali makes software, not hardware. So putting Scali in 
the same group as Quadrics, Myrinet and Infiniband is kinda wrong. It 
should have been Dolphin (as in the SCI card vendor) I guess. Our message 
passing software may run on all four interconnects (and ethernet).

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