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torsten torsten at
Wed Jul 9 23:21:19 EDT 2003

Hello All,

This is an FYI, followed by a request for ethernet card suggestions.

My secondary ethernet for my Beowulf cluster is a Realtek 8139 chip
D-Link 530TX.  I also have this chipset on the motherboard itself.

The chipset on the MB works, it seems, my suspicions are because it
is only 10MBit.  On the subnet, a 100MBit net, it is falling over itself.

First, I started getting NFS problems.  I google'd and found out that

A. The NFS "buffer" is overflowing, or not being cleared adequately.
B. The ethernet card is misconfigured.
C. The driver is poor or does not match the card.
D. The card is defective.

I also tried ftp, and after a few megs are transfered, the chip fails
to be able to transfer more.  I found many mentions of this chipset
being the low of the low, and it is driving me nuts.

Interestingly, I can IP masq the subnet and connect to the internet,
seemingly ok.  Just NFS and FTP are dying.  Blah.

I'm going to purchase some new network cards.  I'm leaning towards
3Com 3c905C-TXM cards because they are cheap enough ($20 pricewatch),
PCI, 100MBit, and have PXE roms, and, most of all, are known stable
and working under Linux.

I would like to solicit ethernet card recommendations before I purchase
another mistake.

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