Informal Survey

Douglas Eadline deadline at
Wed Jul 9 13:12:23 EDT 2003

I am curious where everyone gets information on clusters.
Obviously this list is one source, but what about other
sources. In addition, what kind of information do people most 
want/need about clusters. Please comment on the following
questions if you have the time. You can respond to me directly
and I will summarize the results for the list.

1. Where do you find "howto" information on clusters
   (besides this list)

    a) Google
    b) Vendor
    c) Trade Show  
    d) News Sites (what news sites are there?)
    e) Other

2. If there were a subscription print/web magazine on clusters, what kind 
   of coverage would you want? 

    a) howto information
    b) new products
    c) case studies
    d) benchmarks
    e) other



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