Kickstart ks.cfg file example for headless node

torsten torsten at
Fri Jul 4 18:43:54 EDT 2003

> I'll   send  you   (  off-list   )  a   kickstart  that   I  use   for
>redhat9  workstations  that  doesn't  contain  anything  sensitive,  it
>contains   some  examples   of  scripting   post-install  configuration
>and   whatnot.   Oh,   redhat  maintains   excellent  documentation   :

Thanks for the info.

I'm  most  interested in  %packages.   The  manual talks  about  package
selection.  In order to reduce the  install size, I select no additional
packages. I  just want  a base  (40-50M) system.   My current  installed
system turns out to be huge (700M+).

I read in  the manual, it says "The Package  Selection window allows you
to choose which  package groups to install."  I understand  this to mean
that choosing a  package installs that package, in addition  to the base
system.  Have I misread?

By  selecting  no packages,  is  kickstart  installing all  packages  by

If I select "@ base", will this only install the base and skip the rest?

My goal is a very small, very quick network install.

Thanks to everyone  for their help and patience.  Extra  thanks to Derek
for sending me an excellent ks.cfg example.

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