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>I suppose it's remotely possible, but not likely.  All of the boards will
>run memtest86 for many days, and my number-crunching code for many weeks,
>with no problems at all, when I use memory from the batch I bought last
>December.  Most of the failing sticks I've encountered since April will
>fail consistently, whether tested alone or with other sticks, whether
>tested on my Gigabyte GA7DPXDW-P boards or the Asus A7M266D board that I
>use in my server.  It's only a few sticks in the most recent batch of 69
>that are failing in this rare and intermittent way that I can't seem to
>reproduce when the sticks are tested one per motherboard.

Have you tried raising the memory voltage level on the motherboards to 2.7V ?
I see characteristics of failure  like you have described on many cheap 
Works fine with 1 stick, errors with 3 sticks of RAM.

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