Linux support for AMD Opteron with Broadcom NICs

Bill Rankin wrankin at
Thu Jul 3 08:27:55 EDT 2003

Anand Vaidya <anand at>:

> RedHat GinGin which is RH's version of RHL for Opteron (64bit) can be 
> downloaded from 
> as ISO images.
> RH installed and ran extremely well. We did run some benchmarks (smp jobs). 
> Pretty impressive!

I am also running Gingin64 on a Penguin Computing dual Opteron which
uses the Broadcom NICs.  It is running fine at this moment with no
complaints.  The only issues were:

1 - No floppy boot/install image.  Must boot from CD or (in my case) PXE
boot and install.

2 - IIRC, the Broadcom NIC was not properly recognized, but using the
one Broadcom NIC entry in the install list (forgot the model number)
works fine. 

Do a google for "gingin64" and it should get you the links.

There is a mailing list on Redhat for AMD64

Performance wise, using the stock 64 bit gcc on my molecular dynamics
codes shows overall performance of the 1.4 GHz Opteron 240 to be on par
with Xeon 2.4s.  YMMV.

- bill
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