memory nightmare

Jack Wathey wathey at
Wed Jul 2 14:54:23 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Stephen Gaudet wrote:

> Same part number and speed?  What does the motherboard manufacture call
> for in regards to cas latency 2 or 3?  Best is usually 2.

I'm pretty sure they're all the same part number and speed, because the
supplier fabricated them all at the same time for me.  I don't know what
the MB maker recommends for cas latency.  They recommend setting DDR
timing to "Auto" in the bios, which causes the bios to set the timing
parameters automatically.  That's how I have them set.  If that parameter
is set to manual, then a whole bunch of parameters, including cas latency,
become accessible in the bios menu, but I have never tinkered with those,
and the MB manual has no recommended values for them.

> Don't rule out the motherboard or processors.  I agree with you looks
> like ram. However, might turn out to be a bad series of motherboards,
> and or processors.   Memtest86 also shows cache errors.  My own system
> here at home had memmory errors and I though for sure it was the ram.
> Turned out to be the memory controller chip on the motherboard.

I suppose it's remotely possible, but not likely.  All of the boards will
run memtest86 for many days, and my number-crunching code for many weeks,
with no problems at all, when I use memory from the batch I bought last
December.  Most of the failing sticks I've encountered since April will
fail consistently, whether tested alone or with other sticks, whether
tested on my Gigabyte GA7DPXDW-P boards or the Asus A7M266D board that I
use in my server.  It's only a few sticks in the most recent batch of 69
that are failing in this rare and intermittent way that I can't seem to
reproduce when the sticks are tested one per motherboard.


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