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Jack Wathey wathey at
Wed Jul 2 14:02:36 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Stephen Gaudet wrote:

> First, I'd make sure the memory comes from a major supplier, Kingston,
> Crucial, Virtium, Ventura, Transend, etc...

The supplier is not one of those you listed above.  I've been dealing with
them as well as with the vendor, and, at this point, I'd prefer not to
disclose their name on the list.  (Yes, I know, Steve: I should have just
bought these sticks from you in the first place!  Oh well.  We live and

> Next, make sure all the ram has the same chipset Samsung, Infineon,
> etc...  If you have various sticks in these systems where the chip
> manufacture is different they sometime don't behave well.  So try to
> make everything match.

The latest batch of 69 sticks all used Samsung chips.

> Last I check cooling.  Do these systems have proper cooling?

Yes, definitely.  I monitor that closely.  Ambient temperature around the
motherboards never exceeded 77 deg F throughout these tests, and was
less than 70F most of the time.  I can't monitor cpu temperature directly
when memtest86 is running, but, in the same enclosure, when I can monitor
cpu temperatures, they are typically 55C or less.  I've been experimenting
with different heatsinks.  Some of the boards have Thermalright sk6+/Delta
60X25mm coolers, which keep the cpus below 40C most of the time.


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