Linux support for AMD Opteron with Broadcom NICs

John Hearns jhearns at
Wed Jul 2 06:13:04 EDT 2003

Simon Hogg wrote:

> As you say, at the moment the best bet seems to be to *buy* the 
> enterprise editions.  For those of us who are loathe to spend any 
> money or who 'just like' Debian, there is a bit of waiting still to 
> do.  According to one developer;
> "There is work ongoing on a Debian port, but it will be a while yet - 
> the x86-64 really needs sub-architecture support for effective support 
> (to allow mixing of 32- and 64-bit things), and that is a big step for 
> us. Feel free to chip in and help! :-)".
> However, as far as I am aware, it should be possible to install a 
> vanilla x86-32 distribution and recompile everything for 64-bit (with 
> a recent GCC (3.3 is the best bet at the moment I suppose)).
That's how Gentoo does things. Anyone heard of Gentoo running on X86-64 
? Might be fun.

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