[Beowulf] Websites for small clusters

D. Scott ds10025 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Dec 30 08:55:00 EST 2003


Another site had a paper. Have anyone come across Linpack paper?

The site is http://www.csis.hku.hk/~clwang/gideon300/peak.html.

I had the same problem interpret the results when I ran test supplied my 
mpich, eg mpptest and gotest.

Will it be worth setting up a performance chart for small clusters. It can 
include, FLOPS, Network performance etc.

On Dec 30 2003, Josh Moore wrote:Linpack paper,

> Hi,
> I found a site that contained a modified version of the PI calculator 
> that comes bundled with mpich.  I have attached it.  I'm not sure on the 
> accuracy of it, but it seems to work.  I would love to have a standard 
> bench marking program to compare results.  Pallas is good, but it takes 
> a while to run and it can be hard to interpret the results.  It would be 
> much easier to say this setup has this many megaflops/gigaflops and this 
> setup has this many instead of saying here is a 200 line test result of 
> my setup from Pallas.  Pallas is great but it can be over-kill when you 
> want a quick estimate of overall performance while adding nodes or doing 
> different tweaking.  I am constatly adding stuff to my site.  I hope to 
> add some nodes and upgrade to 100Mbps by the end of January.  I am also 
> hoping to make the site easier to navigate instead of just having a 
> single page.
> Josh
> D. Scott wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > How did you calculate mega flops?
> >
> > I will download and look into the benchmark program you are using.
> >
> > Could we aggreed on which benchmark software to use so that we can 
> > compare performance of each small cluster?
> >
> > http://home.attmil.ne.jp/a/jm/
> >
> > Gives me an idea to put together a basic site. I'll see what I can do.
> >
> > It did take me alot of time and effect searching the net for 
> > information. I'll see if I can put it all together.
> >
> >
> > Dan
> >
> >
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