[Beowulf] Websites for small clusters

D. Scott ds10025 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Dec 30 06:42:43 EST 2003


How did you calculate mega flops?

I will download and look into the benchmark program you are using.

Could we aggreed on which benchmark software to use so that we can compare 
performance of each small cluster?


Gives me an idea to put together a basic site. I'll see what I can do.

It did take me alot of time and effect searching the net for information. 
I'll see if I can put it all together.


On Dec 30 2003, Josh Moore wrote:

> I have seen a few but not that many websites around dealing with 
> indviduals clusters.  Most links were down and it took a great deal of 
> searching to come up with a few pages.  That is the main reason I made 
> my website http://home.attmil.ne.jp/a/jm/  dealing with the building of 
> my cluster.  It started as a two node cluster and has updates has I add 
> more nodes and run other tests.
> Jim Lux wrote:
> > I fully agree... I suspect that most readers of this list start with a 
> > small cluster, and a historical record of what it took to get it up and 
> > running is quite useful, especially the hiccups and problems that you 
> > inevitably encounter. (e.g. what do you mean the circuit breaker just 
> > tripped on the plug strip when we plugged all those things into it?)
> >
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> >>Hi Dan,
> >>
> >>It should be great if you publish your cluster work instructions on a
> >>website. I have found that there is need for a such place.
> >>
> >>The site http://www.msm.cam.ac.uk/map/mapmain.html is a good example on
> >>how a website sharing scientific and/or professional experience can be
> >>aranged.
> >>
> >>If it not allready exist, shall we arrange something similar for few
> >>node clusters? (Few node clusters 2 - 30 nodes?)
> >>
> >>Best regards
> >>Per Lindström
> >>
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