[Beowulf] X-window, MPICH, MPE, Cluster performance test

D. Scott ds10025 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Dec 29 06:27:21 EST 2003


At last! My cluster is now online. I would like to thank everyone for they 
help. I thinking of putting a website together covering my experience in 
putting this cluster together. Will this be of use to anyone? Is they 
website that covers top 100 list of small cluster?.

Now it is online I would like to test it.

MPICH comes with test program, eg mpptest. Programs works and it produce 
nice graph. Is they any documentation/tutorial that explains meaning of 
these graphs?

MPICH also comes with MPE graphic test programs, mandel. Problem is that I 
have only got X-window installed on the master node. But, when I run 
pmandel, it returms an error, staying that it can not find shared library 
for X-window on other nodes. How can I make X-window shared across other 
nodes from the Master node? Same me install GUI programs on other nodes.

This could be related problem, but when I complied life (that uses MPE 
libraries) it returns error that MPE libraries are undefined. Any ideas?

Can I install both LAM/MPICH and MPICH-1.2.5 on the same machine?

How to calculate flops?

Are they any other performance test?

Thanks in advance.


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