[Beowulf] is "TCP Short Messages" patch necessary/available for 2.4 kernel?

Josip Loncaric josip at lanl.gov
Mon Dec 22 13:15:46 EST 2003

Kervin L. Pierre wrote:
> I am upgrading software on a cluster at my college and part of the 
> documentation says to patch the kernel with the "TCP Short Messages" 
> patch found at http://www.icase.edu/coral/LinuxTCP.html .
> The patch is only available for 2.2 series kernel and none seems to be 
> done for the 2.4 kernel.  The contact email on that page bounces as well.

Unfortunately, ICASE is no more: it was "improved out of existence" (the 
successor organization NIA operates somewhat differently).

The Dec. 31, 2002 snapshot of the official ICASE web site is hosted by 
USRA, so papers etc. can be retrieved using the old URLs, but ICASE 
E-mail addresses and personal web pages are defunct.

> Is this patch still necessary for TCP Short Messages functionality?  If 
> so where can I find the patch against 2.4?

The patch was needed for 2.0 and 2.2 Linux kernels due to a quirk in 
their TCP stack implementation.  Since 2.4 Linux kernels perform fine 
without the patch, you do not need it any more.


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