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Thu Dec 18 23:47:39 EST 2003

hi all,

20 yr old, Engineering grad from India doing a project
in Distributed Computing which is to be submitted in
March for evaluation to The University.

The Project deals with Computing Primes on a LAN based
network which is under load. 

The project aims at Real time Load Balancement on a
Heterogenous Cluster such that the Load is Distributed
such that the clients get synchronised and when the
data is received back it arrives at approx the same

I'm attaching an Abstract on the project.Please go
through it and any comments/advice/guidance will be

My prof says that JAVA RMI can be implemented for this
I'm a noob programmer with exp in C/C++/JAVA.

I badly need guidance on how to go ahead with this

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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