[Beowulf] Re: [OT] statistical calculations - report

Martin WHEELER mwheeler at startext.co.uk
Thu Dec 11 12:38:11 EST 2003

Many thanks to all who replied to me both on- and off-list; in
particular those who pointed me towards the ability to create customised
R and Python plugins for gnumeric.  (About which I knew nothing.)
Although I can't do anything about the use of spreadsheet technology in
the first place, at least yesterday I was enable to muster up enough
backup to be able to influence the choice of /which/ spreadsheet I will
be expected to use.

Also thanks to those who made practical suggestions concerning the use
of postgres/mysql databases; this was enough to convince me I had to do
something about certain areas of (natural language) data manipulation by
myself; and eschew the spreadsheet for something that more naturally
fits the way I work!

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